Remembrance Day 2010

Our coverage of the military and political battles of Canada's war veterans.

The National presents its coverage of the triumphs and struggles of generations of women and men who've served this country in missions around the world, and how they are being honoured on November 11.

Thursday, November 11

Mellissa Fung tells the story of Captain Billy Kerr, who lost both legs and an arm after stepping on a land mine while on foot patrol in Afghanistan. He's back home in Sudbury, and rebuilding his life with the help of his partner and a supportive community.

Leslie MacKinnon tells the story of Major Bieler, one of about 27 Canadians who operated behind enemy lines during World War II.  Delivered by parachute to northern France and operating under the code name 'Musician', he was instrumental in pulling together one of the largest and most successful strings of sabotage teams in the area around Saint Quentin and Lille.

Fallen Canadian Soldiers:  A special tribute to Canada's Fallen Soldiers in Afghanistan, presented by the students of Herman Street Public School in Petawawa, General Vanier Elementary School in Montreal, and Lord Lansdowne Public School in Toronto. 

Read an entry by Fallen Canadian Soldiers producer Bob Hilscher, Remembering every fallen soldier, about the principals and students at three different schools who worked to put together this year's video memorial on The National blog.

Friday, November 12

Susan Ormiston files from London on the program "Battle Back", designed to help wounded British soldiers train for and potentially compete in the London 2012 Paralympic Games.  The program is modelled on the Canadian initiative called "Soldier On".