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Reg Sherren has been introducing Canadians to the people and stories they care about for over three decades. Known for his unique story-telling abilities, Sherren is based in Winnipeg, working exclusively for The National.

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Guitars for Vets, Great Big Sea's Sean McCann help soldiers heal through music

Guitars for Vets founder Jim Lowther and Great Big Sea's Sean McCann organize fundraising concert to get hundreds more guitars to former soldiers suffering stress-related injury.

'Addiction claimed his life': Scott Oake opens up about son's battle with drugs

The veteran CBC Sports announcer from Hockey Night in Canada and the Olympics opens up about his son's battle with addiction and his family's fundraising efforts for a long-term treatment centre in Winnipeg.

What is space archeology, anyway?

A pioneer in the field of space archeology explains her field of expertise - and no, it doesn't involve aliens.

Inventor who starred in viral CBC hoverboard video aims higher

The CBC News video of Alexandru Duru flying has now reached over 320 million people through social media, and its sky-aiming creator has attracted interest and investment from around the world.

How I ended up 'liking' the Conservative Party on Facebook without knowing it

The CBC's Reg Sherren found out he "liked" the Conservative Party on Facebook. Except he did no such thing. Sherren explores the underworld of "like-jacking," and how some organizations are buying fans on social media.

Why some music festivals are vetting rather than banning drugs

Reports of bad drugs hospitalizing or even killing kids and young adults seem to be occurring almost daily. One recent B.C. festival, Shambhala, decided not to condemn young drug-takers, but rather to offer information and free testing, Reg Sherren reports.

WW I hero Francis Pegahmagabow receives long-awaited recognition

CBC's Reg Sherren says recognition for Francis Pegahmagabow, Canada’s most decorated indigenous soldier, is long overdue.

Ed Carter-Edwards recalls Buchenwald: 'So cruel, so savage, so brutal'

For over 40 years, Smithville, Ont., native Ed Carter-Edwards didn't say a word about it — about being shot down over Paris, turned over to the German SS and surviving in Buchenwald when so many others perished.

The Massey Murder: 100 years later, the tabloid tale still fascinates

It was Canada's trial of the century — and it all began 100 years ago, on Feb. 8, 1915, when Carrie Davies shot Charles Bert Massey to death.
Special Report

Premier's office leaves questions unanswered in Darlene Necan case

CBC journalists detail the responses they got to questions from a spokesperson for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on a story about a homeless First Nations woman charged by the province for building her own home.

Reporter's notebook: Reg Sherren encounters homelessness and hunger

CBC's Reg Sherren interviews Darlene Necan, a homeless native woman who is being ordered to stop building a home on what she considers her family's traditional land. Sherren gets an inside look at the stark reality of poverty and hunger.

Polar bears: Threatened species or political pawn?

Reports of the polar bear's dwindling population have made it an ideal symbol for the effects of climate change. But some say those numbers are overstated, and it's the politics around polar bears that's really at play.

Little Bay Islands in limbo as residents await word on relocation funds

A few dozen residents in the tiny Newfoundland community of Little Bay Islands are in limbo, waiting to hear whether the provincial government will pay to resettle them all and close down the community, Reg Sherren reports.

Legendary Ojibwa sniper unsung hero of WW I

He was the most decorated First Nations soldier in the history of the Canadian military, but very few people have ever heard of Francis Pegahmagabow.

Sherren | Remembering John Ford

John Ford was a man of honour, service, and family. He had the conviction of a man who knew his own mind, who spoke it freely, and one who had every reason to carry through his life a great resentment for what had been done to him… and yet, in the end, he didn't, writes Reg Sherren.