SLIDESHOW: The May debate

CBC's Amber Hildebrandt visited an east Toronto mall to ask people there whether Green Party leader Elizabeth May should be included in the federal election debates.

In the 2008 election, public outrage over Green Party leader Elizabeth May's exclusion from the debates led to her eventual inclusion. But is the outrage over her being left out this year strong enough to secure her a seat again?

I visited the Scarborough Town Centre, a mall in Toronto's east end, to get a cross-section of views.

We posed the question: Do you think May should be included in the leaders' debates?

A number of people responded by asking in return, "Who's that?" Those respondents following the election either wished they had more information about why May was excluded or came out firmly in support of May receiving a seat at the debate table.

Here's an audio slideshow of a sample of those voices.