Auditor General Sheila Fraser might not be deemed eligible for the job she has held for a decade based on the new job requirements that appear in the ad seeking her replacement, she joked in a CBC interview.


Auditor General Sheila Fraser's 10-year tenure is set to expire in May 2011.

The government's ad seeking a new auditor general to replace Fraser after her term ends May 31, 2011, reads:

"Being a team player, [the successful candidate] will also be action-oriented and will possess a constructive approach."

In a lengthy interview to air Saturday on CBC Radio's political affairs program The House, Fraser reflected on the new job description and her 10-year tenure.

"I wondered if I would get the job if I applied for it today," Fraser said.

There has been speculation on the Hill as to what the term "team player" means within the context of a role that is supposed to be an arm's length overseer of government. 

The House airs on Saturday morning at 9 a.m. on CBC Radio 1 and is replayed at 12 a.m. on Sunday.

But Fraser isn't as concerned as other critics have been.

"I know there are a couple of people who sort of have expressed concern about what that actually means, but you do have to work [with others]," she said. "It is important that the auditor general establish good, professional working relationships with a number of people."

On Tuesday, Fraser will release her first audit into the federal government's stimulus spending program.

There will be a second report on the topic next year, but Fraser won't be around for that one.

"When I'm gone, it will be my successor who will have the pleasure of tabling that," she said.

One report Fraser will be around to table is an audit of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner's office.

Commissioner Christiane Ouimet resigned earlier this week after employees complained of a "difficult" work environment that had caused several of Ouimet's subordinates to leave the office.

Fraser said in the interview she plans to table her audit into that office before her term ends.