We want you to help us chronicle the 2011 federal election.

If you've attended a rally or town hall meeting, seen candidates canvassing or were there when a party leader was in the neighbourhood, we want to hear from you.

We're looking for photos, videos and stories from your community.


Send tips to: yournews@cbc.ca

Describe the who, what, where and how. Use simple language, and keep it to 200 words. Please include: Time, location, and your contact information.


Send photos to: yournews@cbc.ca or upload here.

A few simple rules: Try to keep your photo in focus and well lit. Use the rule of thirds to frame your photo and don't be afraid to move around to get the best angle.


Send video to: yournews@cbc.ca or upload here.

For great video: Try to keep your video in focus and well lit. Keep length to a maximum of two minutes. Time, location, and your contact information are essential.


Tweet us at @cbcpolitics and @cbccommunity. See or hear something interesting while you're at an event? Let us know by tweeting us — and remember that you can send photos and videos over Twitter.