Documents filed by Gatineau police to obtain the Feb.7 search warrant used to gather evidence to support assault and sexual assault charges against Senator Patrick Brazeau provide new details on the allegations against the former Conservative.

The documents filed by the detective in the case describe the events surrounding a morning 911 call to police, statements provided by the complainant during a video interview and three articles of clothing collected as evidence at the address to which emergency services were dispatched.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

The complainant first phoned 911 at 9:04 a.m. on Feb.7 but hung up after saying only "yes, hello, this is the police?" The police report notes that the complainant appeared to be crying at the time.

Dispatchers traced the address based on that call and dispatched police to the location after there was no answer when they tried to call the number back.

Another call from the same number was received at 9:06 a.m. The complainant then reported being hit and said there were injuries. The person who allegedly pushed the complainant down the stairs and delivered punches was said to be upstairs from where the call was placed.

Gatineau police arrived during the second phone call and arrested the person the complainant identified as being responsible for the injuries.

Statement, photographs

The suspect was taken to the police station for detention and had an opportunity to speak with a lawyer, the police report notes.

A written statement was taken at the location of the alleged assaults, as well as photographs documenting the complainant's injuries.

The complainant then was taken to the station for a videotaped interview with the police. In that interview, the events preceding the incident and the alleged assaults were described in more detail in the report.

According to the documents, the two were involved in an argument the evening before over what the complainant described as an aboriginal issue.  

The disagreement continued the next day, the report said, leading to a physical altercation.  

According to the complainant's statement, the suspect allegedly pushed and hit the complainant in the arms and tore two pieces of clothing the complainant was holding. Items of clothing were later collected by police.  

Vulgar language

The suspect then allegedly grabbed the complainant aggressively and tried to pull down the pants the complainant was wearing, breaking off a button, which was also gathered as evidence.  

The documents allege the suspect used vulgar language in both English and French and then spat in the complainant's face. A hand was placed around the complainant's neck as if to attempt to choke the complainant, and the complainant was allegedly hit in the arm with the suspect's fist.  

The complainant was then pushed down stairs and told to "leave my country," according to the documents, and a railing was broken as the complainant tried to grab it.  

At that point, according to the documents, the suspect went back upstairs and the call was placed to police.

On Feb. 8, Brazeau pleaded not guilty to assault and sexual assault charges. His next court appearance is scheduled for March 22.