Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is framing the appointment of seven new senators as the "next steps" in the Liberal promise to reform the Senate.

"The government is today taking further concrete steps to follow through on its commitment to reform the Senate, restore public trust, and bring an end to partisanship in the appointments process," he said in a statement.

Conservatives say nothing has changed, with two MPs slamming the secrecy of the "tired, undemocratic process." Meanwhile, the NDP calls the Senate an "archaic institution" and still wants the Senate abolished.

What should happen to the Senate?

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"It's supposed to be a place where those representing the best interests of the country alter or reject legislation. If we can make it into that — a house of sober second thought with our best interests in mind — then we ought to keep it." — Alex Polley

"I think the senators should be either appointed by the provinces, or perhaps even be a juried Senate, with no political parties involved — they should all be independent." — Neotribe

"Devolve the authority to the lieutenants-governor of the provinces. They know (or should know) the best people to represent the interests of the provinces. It will remain partisan as long the power rests with the PM." — Ken Hansen

"Maintain a non-partisan committee to vet candidates nominated by the public and create shortlists for candidate pools for each province. These candidates are to be eligible based on merit alone, and there are plenty of highly qualified and intelligent Canadians available ... The short list is made available to the public, and an online public vote conducted to determine a super short list of three candidates per seat. The prime minister is mandated to select one of these three to present to the governor general for appointment." — Morgantis

"The Senate in its current form is an outdated, unaccountable and unnecessary part of our governmental system. Abolition has to be the ultimate goal, but that is something that will require pan-Canadian cooperation and thus will require some time. Some immediate steps that should be taken are to reduce the financial burden on the taxpayer by reducing Senate salaries and expense accounts while at the same time setting some firm rules about spending and providing for independent oversight of such spending." — CoryJudson

"Scandals. Patronage. Absenteeism. That's what people think of when they hear the word Senate. Cut the taxpayer a break and get rid of it." — Lemansky

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