A man carries a Canadian flag in front of the Olympic cauldron during celebrations for Canada's victory over the U.S. in the men's ice hockey gold medal game at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics earlier this year. ((Chris Helgren/Reuters))

The bills are in and the RCMP say they're under budget for their Olympic security spending.

With the lights now out on what was billed as the largest security exercise in Canadian history, the RCMP say they saved more than $35 million on their final $558-million budget.

In a statement, the Mounties say they spent less on air transportation, private security staff, perimeter intrusion technology and on policing the areas around the host sites.

That means their final budget for securing the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games sits at $523 million.

But that's not the whole picture — the entire security budget for the Games was $900 million, and the other federal agencies that each received a chunk of that still haven't tallied their final bills.

Public Safety Canada says a report is in the works but that the budget has not increased.