Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau and former Liberal senator Mac Harb are due in Ottawa court next week to face charges of fraud over $5,000 and breach of trust.

Brazeau is due in court the morning of March 17 and Harb the morning of March 18.

Charge sheets filed last month in Ottawa court say the police issued summons directly to Brazeau and Harb, though both charge sheets note their addresses as "unknown."

The charges relate to living expenses they claimed for residences just outside the National Capital Region, the area around Ottawa and Gatineau, Que. The RCMP's National Division alleges Brazeau and Harb didn't live in the homes they claimed as primary residences, and shouldn't have been reimbursed for living expenses when they were staying in Ottawa and Gatineau.

Brazeau and Harb say they've done nothing wrong and didn't defraud the Senate.

Harb, who was appointed in 2003 by Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, last August repaid $231,649.07 in expenses claimed since 2005. He retired after repaying the money.

Court records obtained by CBC News in January suggested the RCMP were also investigating Harb for mortgage fraud, but Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud, commanding officer of RCMP National Division, told reporters Feb. 4 that there wasn't enough evidence to support the charge.

"In some of these ITOs [Information to Obtain a production order], the RCMP referenced that Mr. Harb had potentially committed mortgage fraud. Upon completion of our investigation, we concluded that the evidence gathered did not support these allegations," Michaud said at a news conference where he announced the other charges.

Brazeau missed a Senate-imposed deadline to repay $48,745​, leading the Senate to start docking his pay. He, Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin were suspended without pay from the Senate in October.

Brazeau also faces unrelated charges of assault and sexual assault in Gatineau.