Not enough democracy, Green leader says

Greens leader Elizabeth May said Canadians have had too many elections and not enough democracy in launching her campaign in B.C.
Green Party leader Elizabeth May kicks off her national election campaign near Victoria, B.C., on Saturday morning. (Deddeda Stemler/Canadian Press)
Canada's had too many elections and not enough democracy over the past seven years, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said as she launched her election campaign Saturday.

May spoke from the riding she hopes to win on Vancouver Island, just outside Victoria, B.C. She says Canadians have had enough of negative tactics.

"Canadians look at Parliament and what they think is, we have had enough," she said. "We've had enough of a culture of endless negativity. Enough of the abuse of our traditions.

"We cannot stand by and let our government, our democracy, be abused."

May urged voters, particularly young people, not to reward cynical tactics by staying home on election day.

"This is is your future that's at play right now. This is your future, this is your country, this is your vote. Acknowledge your own power," she said.

The Green Party leader is taking on Conservative MP Gary Lunn in the Saanitch-Gulf Islands riding. Lunn was the minister of state for amateur sport in the last parliament.

A challenge to rivals

May challenged the other party leaders to respect each other. She says she's going to challenge them every day to find something they agree on.

"I want to change the politics of this election," she said. "I want to create a space for the other parties to agree on those things we could all do together if we were willing to set aside partisanship," May said.

"Instead of turning people off politics by this constant negativity ... there are things about which we should all be capable of agreeing. And Canadians will be happy to see it."