Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he will not try to trigger an election next year, saying the government needs to stay focused on the economy.

"I'm not going to cause an election," Harper told CTV News in a year-end interview. "I'm not going to call an election and we're not bringing forward some kind of poison pill to provoke an election. We are committed to governing. We don't need an election.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he will not cause or call an election. ((CBC))

"We're in a fragile global recovery. Canada is in a very good position for the long term but we need to stay focused on that and not screw around with a bunch of political games."

He added that it is the opposition that keeps threatening an election.

Earlier this week, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff suggested he'd be willing to fight an election over the next federal budget.

Harper said the budget will focus on the economy and jobs, controlled spending and ensuring the deficit continues to be manageable.

He said there doesn't need to be "deep slash and burn" cuts, and the Conservatives would not be slashing funding to health care or education.

"It's not a matter of dramatic, draconian cuts, but it will be a matter of discipline over some period of time," he said.

Harper also said there will be no prorogation early in the new year. He said there would be a small cabinet shuffle but he was mostly happy with his team.