The NDP is requesting Elections Canada add an extra day of advance polling so people will not miss out on a chance to cast a ballot over the Easter long weekend.

Elections Canada has three days set aside for advance polling on April 22, 23 and 25. However, those dates fall on Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Monday, which include a religious and a statutory holiday.

Brad Lavigne, the NDP's national campaign director, said in a letter to Marc Mayrand, the chief electoral officer, that the advance polling dates fall on an important family holiday so measures must be taken so people can still cast their ballots early.

"New Democrats believe that it is very important to offer Canadians convenient opportunities to vote in advance of the election, particularly in an era where voter turnout has been at all-time lows," Lavigne's letter stated.

"In order to make the advance polls available to as many Canadians as possible, we are asking they be extended an additional day to the advance poll schedule."

Guy Giorno, the national campaign chairman for the Conservative Party, said on Twitter that the Tories "support extra advance poll but note [Liberals of Michael] Ignatieff-NDP-BQ knew impact on holidays when forcing unnecessary election."

A Liberal spokesman confirmed the party would also support an attempt to add an extra day of advance voting.