Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner (Cape Breton-Canso) has made a Christmas tradition of reading a politically-pointed rhyming rewrite of Clement Moore's classic Twas the Night Before Christmas in the House of Commons as the Christmas break nears. Here is a transcript of this year's Cuzner Christmas parody, which he delivered during Members' statements Tuesday:

Twas the week before Christmas and the Prime Minister’s cast;
Were haunted by the scandals of ghosts from his past.

The PM denied when the first ghosts came callin’;
That was Duffy, Brazeau and Pamela Wallin.

They attacked allegations with yuletide vendettas;
By stretching the truth and talking poinsettias.

The next ghost wrote a cheque that caused quite a fuss;
In no time at all he was under the bus.

They tried what they could to keep it from worsening;
Then Deloitte gets a call from Senator Gerstein.

The e-mails police found – that the Boss wasn’t sharin’;
Were thanks to the ghost of Benjamin Perrin.

Rob Ford’s an old ghost that no one’s enjoying;
He’s really not scary more so just annoying.

But it’s ghosts of the future, who could possibly threaten;
Think Tkachuck, Stewart-Olsen and Marjory Lebreton.

Like Dickens' great tale of the bitter old miser;
We’d expect those in power to conduct themselves wiser.

The truth will come out, we hope and we pray;
Cause all Canadians know, even Scrooge found his way.