The RCMP served Mike Duffy’s lawyer with the official charge sheet early Monday, outlining the 31 criminal code violations the suspended former Conservative senator is accused of committing.

The charges relate to living and travel expenses the RCMP allege Duffy fraudulently claimed, disbursing funds to three people for “illegitimate expenses,” as well as allegedly accepting a bribe from Nigel Wright, the then chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The charges state some of the travel expenses reimbursed by the Senate were for “personal and partisan activity.” There are also five expense claims for “personal attendance at funerals and related ceremonies.”

Duffy is accused of fraudulently awarding a $65,000 contract to his friend Gerald Donohue, who RCMP say directed some of that money to three other individuals, including a personal trainer and a hair stylist.

Duffy denies any wrongdoing. His first court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 16.

If convicted, Duffy could face up to 14 years in prison on the more serious charges.