Defence Minister Peter MacKay is considering legal action against MPs who suggested he lied about a ride he took aboard a search-and-rescue helicopter.

Opposition members have called for MacKay to apologize and even to resign over his use of military resources to shuttle him to the airport in Gander, N.L. from a personal vacation at a remote fishing lodge.

Documents released last week showed some staff within National Defence predicted the trip could be perceived badly, with one suggesting the pick-up was only to be under the guise of a search-and-rescue exercise.

But two members of the Forces are saying publicly that MacKay's use of the copter was legitimate.

A military technician who hoisted MacKay into the helicopter as it hovered near the lodge says it was entirely positive that the minister was actively involved with the work of the search-and-rescue team.

MacKay's office says statements like that show the minister was telling the truth when he said he was taking advantage of an opportunity to participate in an exercise.