Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff laced up a pair of red running shoes on Friday, saying his party is ready for the "final sprint" of the federal election campaign.

"We're not taking those off 'til Monday night, that's for sure," Ignatieff said during a campaign event in London, the first stop in a swing through several key Ontario ridings.

Ignatieff said his party would be reaching out to voters ahead of Monday's election and urging them to "vote for what they actually want."

"What they actually want is moderate government," he said.

Several recent polls have suggested the NDP are surpassing the Liberals, but Ignatieff said the outcome of the election is far from certain.

"We've got three days to go," Ignatieff said during a campaign stop earlier Friday in Val D'Or, Que.

Ignatieff said he believes the party can mobilize the Liberal base and "hoover up" undecided voters.

The Liberal leader mixed in a second sports analogy in Quebec, saying people shouldn't rush to conclusions.

"Everybody's calling the hockey game in the middle of the third period," he said. "When I watch hockey games, I wait until the final whistle. I wait until the final siren, and that final siren hasn't sounded."

Ignatieff also continued his attacks on both Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Jack Layton, saying he believes Canadians want a "responsible, compassionate, down the middle of the pipe government."

"In the next three days I've got to persuade a lot of undecided voters who are sitting there thinking waste, corruption, mismanagement and scandal on that side, on the right," he told reporters.

"On the left, a proposal for government that just doesn't add up."

The Liberal leader said his final push isn't designed at merely holding onto existing seats.

"We're playing for everything here," he said.

The Liberals held 37 of Ontario's 106 seats heading into the elections. The Conservatives held 51, the NDP held 17 and one seat was held by an independent conservative.

Harper was also scheduled to swing through Quebec and Ontario on Friday, while Layton was working to rally supporters in B.C.

With files from the Canadian Press