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Katie Simpson is a senior reporter in the Parliamentary Bureau of CBC News. Prior to joining the CBC, she spent nearly a decade in Toronto covering local and provincial issues.

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Trade dispute with U.S. over paper products to end in Canada's favour

A years-long trade dispute with the U.S. over certain paper products is coming to an end in Canada's favour. American tariffs on Canadian supercalendered paper are now in the process of being dropped, along with a complaint alleging unfair Canadian subsidies.

Trudeau says Canada will not be 'bowled over' by U.S. in NAFTA talks

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today Canada will not be "bowled over" by the United States at the NAFTA negotiating table, offering new insights into the ongoing trade talks.

Canada just lost a key ally in the Trump administration in Rex Tillerson

Following U.S. President Donald Trump's dismissal of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland will have to build a new relationship with his replacement, Mike Pompeo, at a very critical time for Canada-U.S. relations.

Hoping for an exemption from tariffs, Canada is keeping its powder dry ... for now

Canada will not follow the Europeans and issue specific threats to the U.S. in response to proposed steel and aluminium tariffs because it is still holding onto hope that it will get an exemption, CBC News has learned.

Time crunch looms over seventh round of NAFTA talks

NAFTA negotiators from Mexico, the US, and Canada are meeting this week for the seventh round of talks. A source with direct knowledge of the discussions is hopeful the progress made in the last round will continue.

Rogue Indian political elements may be trying to make Canada look weak on Sikh extremism: source

A senior government official with knowledge of the prime minister's security protocols is suggesting rogue political elements in India may have orchestrated the embarrassing invitation of a would-be political assassin to a formal dinner with Justin Trudeau in an attempt to make the Canadian government appear sympathetic to Sikh extremism.

EBay CEO expected to push Trudeau on duty threshold

When the prime minister sits down with the CEO of eBay in San Francisco later today, there is a divisive issue that is expected to come up.

Trudeau to meet with Amazon, eBay CEOs on 4-day U.S. trip

The prime minister is set to meet with some of the most influential leaders in the tech industry as he launches a four day trade and investment mission to the U.S. Justin Trudeau will meet with Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, as the company considers several cities, including Toronto, for a second headquarters.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announces investigation into harassment allegation involving MP Erin Weir

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announced there will be an independent investigation into an allegation of "harassing behaviour toward women" that has been made against NDP MP Erin Weir.

Canada's NAFTA negotiator says talks moving in the 'right direction'

Chief negotiators from all three NAFTA countries met today to recap the week — but the question now is what their political bosses will think of the results from the most recent round of talks.

10 senior U.S. Congressional leaders heading to Canada to check NAFTA progress

Influential U.S. lawmakers who could have the final say on the fate of NAFTA are travelling to Montreal to get an update on negotiations.

Political posturing casts sour tone over Montreal NAFTA talks

NAFTA talks are officially underway in Montreal, but the political posturing behind the scenes has already cast a sour tone on this round of discussions. Sources suggest U.S. officials believe Canada is to blame for the lack of progress, while Canadian sources say such a suggestion is "nonsense".

Not much wiggle room for Canada to introduce new sanctions against North Korea

Delegates from 20 countries left yesterday's Vancouver summit pledging to consider new sanctions against Kim Jong-un’s regime, but it's not clear what more Canada could do.

Canada makes $3.25M contribution to U.S. program enforcing sanctions on North Korea

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Canada will contribute $3.25 million to a U.S. State Department program that will help countries enforce sanctions against the North Korean regime.

Canada, U.S. looking for diplomatic end to North Korea crisis at Vancouver summit

Foreign ministers from 20 countries are gathering in Vancouver to discuss ways to promote a peaceful resolution to the North Korea crisis and if there is one word at risk of being overused in the next few days, it's "diplomacy."