By now, most Canadians are well acquainted with Canada's prime minister-designate, Justin Trudeau.

However, to many people across the world who are unfamiliar with Canadian politics, they are only now seeing Trudeau for the first time.

And for many, they're pleasantly surprised with the 43-year-old Trudeau's physical appearance — a talking point which has followed around Trudeau since he first ran for Parliament in 2008. (Even the Conservatives seemed to get into the act, with campaign ads that remarked on Trudeau's "nice hair.") 

Shortly after he became the prime minister-designate, The Mirror, a UK-based newspaper, ran a piece titled "Is Justin Trudeau the sexiest politician in the world?"

Many people took to social media to express their thoughts on Trudeau's looks. 

Canadian blogger and screenwriter Kelly Oxford was among those tweeting photos of Trudeau, bringing his looks to the attention of her worldwide following.  

Credit: Media Ball

Credit: Media Ball


  • An earlier version of this story referred to reaction from "non-Canadians." Blogger and screenwriter Kelly Oxford, whose tweet is quoted above, is a Canadian.
    Oct 20, 2015 11:47 AM ET