Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has been meeting with his party in Edmonton this week to plan strategy for the upcoming session of the House of Commons and the expected federal election in 2015.

Justin Trudeau 20140819

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Tuesday people in Alberta have not questioned him over his father's energy policies, but rather have expressed concern over the Conservative government's handling of proposed energy pipelines. (Jason Franson/Canadian Press)

Party officials have been cautiously optimistic about their chances of making gains in Alberta, despite their bleak history in the province. The last Alberta Liberal MP, Anne McLellan, lost her seat in 2006.

Trudeau on Tuesday spoke about the energy policies of the Conservatives, but also had to address the break-in at his Ottawa home over the weekend.

An RCMP protective detail stood watch at Justin Trudeau's rally in Edmonton Tuesday night following an RCMP threat assessment after the break-in.