Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc says Prime Minister Stephen Harper should have acted to ensure cabinet security last fall after the arrest of Rahim Jaffer, the husband of former cabinet minister Helena Guergis.

In question period Thursday, LeBlanc asked why Harper didn't order a security review of Guergis last fall after Jaffer was charged with impaired driving and possession of drugs.

"Did the government learn nothing from the Julie Couillard affair?" asked LeBlanc, referring to the case of Maxime Bernier, who was kicked out of cabinet after leaving documents at his girlfriend's home.

"Why didn't the prime minister order an enhanced security check of his minister months ago?" LeBlanc asked.

A spokesman for the prime minister said Jaffer, a former Conservative MP, was no longer a member of the government and the PMO had received no allegations pertaining to government business.

Initially charged with cocaine possession and drunk driving, Jaffer pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of careless driving.

Expelled from caucus

Guergis, formerly minister of state for the status of women, was booted from cabinet and the Conservative caucus earlier in April amid undisclosed allegations that Harper has referred to the RCMP.

On Thursday, the lawyer representing Guergis called the allegations against her nothing more than "ridiculous boasts" made by a businessman facing fraud accusations.

Lawyer Howard Rubel said he and Guergis have finally learned what allegations led Harper to kick her out of the Conservative caucus last week.

Rubel did not disclose the allegations, but media reports suggest a private investigator told Conservative Party officials that a probe into Toronto businessman Nazim Gillani uncovered accusations of cocaine use and stock fraud involving Guergis and Jaffer.