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Parliament is preparing to recess for the summer in the coming days, capping what has been an eventful six months on Parliament Hill.

In Andrew Scheer, the Conservatives have chosen who will lead them into the 2019 federal election campaign. The New Democrats are in the midst of their own leadership race.

And the Liberals, after tabling their second budget in March, are quickly approaching the midpoint of their four-year stint in office.

How are the Liberals handling the transition from opposition to government? Who is proving themselves to be an indispensable figure within the party? Which Conservatives have used the leadership campaign as a spring board for the 2019 election campaign? And is the NDP leadership Jagmeet Singh's to lose?

To discuss the last six months in Ottawa, Pollcast host Éric Grenier is joined by Althia Raj, Ottawa bureau chief for Huffpost Canada, and Susan Delacourt, columnist for the Toronto Star and iPolitics.

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