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The American election is now just days away and polls suggest the race is the closest it has been since Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton secured their respective parties' nominations in July.

Whatever the result, what will this campaign mean for the future of the Republicans, the Democrats and the United States?

Joining host Éric Grenier on this week's episode of The Pollcast are Bob Rae, former premier of Ontario and past interim leader of the federal Liberal Party, and James Moore, former federal Conservative cabinet minister.

For Moore, Trump's voters are backing him to up-end the American political system.

"The people who are buying into [Donald Trump] ...see him, frankly, as a 'dirty bomb,'" says Moore. "They see him as a grenade that they are trying to roll under the car of Washington, D.C."

Still, if Hillary Clinton wins, these views are unlikely to disappear.

"I think her presidency will be contested from the outset," says Rae. "Ironically, her task may become a little more possible as a result of 'Trumpism,' because there are a lot of Republicans in leadership positions in Washington who are really having to think long and hard about 'what the heck we do now?'"

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