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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made renewing the relationship between the federal government and Indigenous Canadians a priority. What do Canadians think of the state of that relationship and its future?

Earlier this year, the Environics Institute conducted a survey of Canadians to gauge their views of Indigenous Canadians. The results suggest Canadians recognize and sympathize with the challenges Indigenous communities face — but that Canadians' own prejudice might be an obstacle in tackling those challenges.

The survey found broad support for increased funding for Indigenous schools, safe housing and clean drinking water, as well as more teaching of Indigenous history and culture to other Canadians.

But it also found that 44 per cent of Canadians thought that either the policies of Canadian governments in the past or the attitudes of the Canadian public today were the biggest obstacles to achieving economic and social equality.

Joining host Éric Grenier to discuss the results of this survey is Keith Neuman, executive director of the Environics Institute.

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