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Brad Wall's announcement that he would be stepping down as premier of Saskatchewan means the province is experiencing a major shift in its political landscape, as both the governing and opposition parties are now in the midst of leadership races.

And while the next provincial election isn't scheduled until 2020, a test of the government's flagging popularity will come soon in a Saskatoon byelection on Sept. 7.

A number of candidates have already stepped forward or expressed an interest in taking on the leadership of Wall's Saskatchewan Party. Cabinet minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor was the first to throw her hat in the ring, while fellow ministers Gordon Wyant, Kevin Doherty, Jim Reiter and Ken Cheveldayoff, as well as Conservative MP Brad Trost, are mulling bids.

The date of the leadership race will be announced in the coming weeks.

The New Democrats will select their new leader in May. Two candidates are currently in the running, both familiar faces. Ryan Meili is taking his third kick at the can, after narrowly losing the party's 2013 contest. Trent Wotherspoon, in his second leadership bid, announced his candidacy earlier this week.

Adding to the summer's political drama in Saskatchewan is the byelection in Saskatoon Fairview, a tough challenge for the government. The Saskatchewan Party's Jennifer Campeau won the riding in last year's election by just three points.

With polls showing the Saskatchewan Party and NDP neck-and-neck — little more than a year after Wall defeated the New Democrats by 32 points — the riding could swing over to the opposition.

To help breakdown the province's shifting political sands, Pollcast host Éric Grenier is joined by Murray Mandryk, political columnist with the Regina Leader-Post.

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