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Tom Mulcair will be fighting for his political life at this weekend's NDP convention in Edmonton. But the decisions the New Democrats have to make about the future of the party go beyond just who they want as leader.

It could be very close when the 1,500 or so delegates cast their ballots in NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's leadership review. Technically, Mulcair needs 50 per cent plus one to avoid a leadership election. Practically, he may need 70 per cent or more to avoid such a contest.

But the party will be debating other issues this weekend and in the years to come. How do the New Democrats position themselves against a Liberal Party trying to crowd them out on the left? Does the path to electoral success lie to the centre or to the left of the political spectrum for the NDP?

Is U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders or UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn models for the NDP to emulate, or cautionary tales?

And what impact could electoral reform have on the NDP?

Joining host Éric Grenier to discuss the future of the NDP is Ian Capstick, founding partner of Mediastyle and an NDP insider.

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