In the market for a slightly used RCMP vehicle? Or maybe your needs run more to something in the order of a 2,300 kilogram-capacity forklift?

On the other hand, perhaps an opal ring or a designer bag is something that would interest you?

These items and more are featured on the Canadian government's surplus item auction site,

A recent scan of the site showed a number of government vehicles for sale, including a white mini-bus formerly used to ferry senators and Senate staff around Parliament Hill.

The front bumper of the bus has a generous dent in it because it had "a minor impact with a security bollard at the Wellington-Elgin entrance to Parliament Hill," a Senate spokeswoman told CBC News.

The concrete bollards, which stand about 60 cm high but lower into the ground to let traffic pass, are relatively new additions to Parliament Hill to stop unauthorized vehicles from entering the parliamentary precinct.

Police car, potato peeler also for sale

The government is also selling a 2009 white Ford Crown Victoria, referred to as a police interceptor.

"Rear doors do not open from the inside," the description of the ex-police car reads. "Vehicle starts with a boost and runs."

The car, which is in Edmonton, also has a cracked windshield and a variety of other scrapes and scratches. The minimum bid is $900.

Among surplus goods for sale is a commercial-sized potato peeler formerly located at the Kingston Penitentiary.

And, If you've ever wondered what exactly a mass spectrometer is, the government auction site is offering up a broken one among some other scientific equipment.

In one lot, available for a minimum bid of $180, the mass spectrometer comes with a cloud condensation nuclei counter and some other items. They're available for pickup only in Toronto, and are being sold for parts.

The goods also include an opal ring, which the site says was seized by the government, and a designer purse valued at $2,200 that has a minimum required bid of $650.