From left to right: Candice Hoeppner, Naheed Nenshi, Tony Clement, Michaelle Jean and Bob Rae. (Thibault Camus/Jeff McIntosh/Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press/Associated Press)

Who made the biggest difference on the political scene this year? Who had the most profound impact on the direction of the country? Who changed the political landscape in a significant way, positive or negative?  We want to know what you think.

The team at Power & Politics with Evan Solomon has built a list of political Game Changers for 2010.

But we want YOU to help out. Who are we missing? What Game Changer is not on our list? Let us know in the comments field below, or via Twitter @CBCPolitics  or email us at

Send us your suggestions for other names to add to our list. Power & Politics will run five feature Game Changer interviews on our show this month. And one of those will be our PEOPLE's CHOICE interview — the Game Changer picked most by you.  

So vote now. We need your help. Become a Game Changer.