Dozens of election signs in Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh's Vancouver riding have disappeared or been damaged in a "deliberate" act of vandalism, according to his campaign.

In a written statement released Wednesday, Dosanjh's campaign in the riding of Vancouver South said more than 35 signs have disappeared and another 25 needed to be repaired or replaced due to damage. Many, the campaign said, were on private property.

"It seems deliberate," said campaign director Braeden Caley.

"Mr. Dosanjh has always believed in a peaceful politics wherein ideas and candidates are tested against each other on their merits. It is a shame when some in our society feel it is acceptable to damage private property in order to make a political point, possibly endangering families in doing so."

The Dosanjh camp said last Friday, several signs were lit on fire along one street, while 15 signs were damaged or stolen in another area of the city.

The one-time NDP premier of B.C. is in a tight race in the riding he won in 2008 by just 20 votes over his Conservative rival.

The campaign has lodged a complaint with Elections Canada.

"Our hope is that Elections Canada will allow democracy to flourish by remaining vigilant against such illegal campaigning and that all authorities will continue to strive to protect private citizens and private property from this pattern of dangerous behaviour," Caley said.

There have been reports of similar instances of lawn-sign tampering across the country, including an Ottawa-area Liberal candidate whose signs were defaced  with bull's-eyes painted over his head, and accusations that a Liberal campaign volunteer stole Conservative signs in Brampton, Ont.

With files from The Canadian Press