A judge says former immigration minister Jason Kenney acted reasonably in cutting federal funding to the Canadian Arab Federation because the organization appeared to be supporting the actions of terrorist organizations.

Federal Court Justice Russel Zinn's ruling dismisses the federation's challenge of Kenney's decision not to approve funding for a language-instruction program in 2009-10.

Citizenship and Immigration told the federation in March 2009 that statements made by its officials appeared to be anti-Semitic and supportive of terrorist groups.

The department letter said that raised serious questions about the federation's integrity and had undermined the government's confidence in it as an appropriate partner for delivery of services to newcomers.

The federation argues the statements in question were either made by people who did not officially represent the organization or that it did not authorize the comments.

However, Zinn says the statements could reasonably lead one to come to the same conclusions as the minister about the federation.