Justin Trudeau's Liberal government has moved on several fronts during its first 100 days, including the long-form census, a tax cut, Syrian refugees, a new anti-ISIS approach, a pipeline review, and a promised inquiry into Canada's missing and murdered aboriginal women. 

The prime minister has also faced criticism from the Opposition and some media, who have called him naive about the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, not engaged enough about pipelines and in over his head when it comes to the country's struggling economy.

How do Trudeau's first 100 days stack up? We asked readers in our latest CBC Forum — our daily hosted discussion on topics of national interest.

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"The Liberals have been extremely successful. They've proved that they are patient, rational and are determined to not do anything stupid. Ending the combat mission with the coalition, and changing their role to the greater commitment of humanitarian operations and training is a more valuable endeavour than dropping bombs and hoping it does something." — Just Me

"Selection of some top-notch ministers and letting them manage their portfolios — check. Allocating funds for urban infrastructure — check. Humanitarian stance that reflects the will of Canadians — check." — Reckoning

"I have to say that while I was never a Trudeau enthusiast, I can definitely describe the first 100 days as refreshing. I'm seeing a new tone in government, one based on engagement, respect for indigenous peoples, consultation and integrity.  — SF

"I applaud the policy shift regarding the conflict in Syria. On the domestic front, I think he has been astute in promising the $700-million package for Alberta. I think he has also been masterful in handling Energy East by strengthening the review process. Trudeau seems serious about building consensus." — Oilfan


"We are worse off as a nation after JT and his brand of leadership than before. We demonstrate to the world we are intimidated by our enemies and have demonized people who hold jobs and create income to pay for the lavish social programs." — FAst Fish 

"Instead of pushing though hell or high water their controversial refugee commitments, withdrawal of RCAF [fighter jets] from Syria, and signing of TPP they should have concentrated on far less partisan, but much more important issues — health care, local manufacturing, infrastructure to name a few." — Fennec

"​Trudeau refuses to be a cheerleader for Western industries yet has no problem stumping for Bombardier or the auto sector. He should be a cheerleader for all of Canada." — Chuck

"Trudeau has done nothing to bring those who voted Conservative on board with his plan for this country. He criticized Harper for being so divisive when he is doing the exact same thing. The only difference is who enjoys the spoils." — Jack 

Mixed feelings

"The first 100 days of the Trudeau government have primarily focused on tone — there have been some movement on delivery of the easy platform promises — but it really is little on substance, and more of a focus on changing the style from that of the previous government." — Josh

"I would give him an 'average.' The fruits of anything have yet to be tested, particularly the ISIS situation." — Eugene Toope

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