Individual Canadians donated $46.8 million to help the recovery of Pakistanis affected by the summer's disastrous floods. ((Canadian Press))

Individual Canadians donated $46.8 million to Pakistan to help it recover from the summer's devastating floods, International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda said Monday.

The federal government will match the amount, Oda said. The government also announced $40.5 million in federal funding in August and September.

The Canadian International Development Agency, which oversees the Pakistan Flood Relief Fund, has already spent $19 million to help deploy relief supplies, such as tents and tarps, to affected areas.

Money has also been spent on helping farmers prepare for the coming wheat season.

In a statement, Oda praised Canadians for "their compassion and generosity."

Floods that began in late July created what the UN called "one of the largest humanitarian crises the UN and its humanitarian partners have ever responded to."

More than 200,000 homes were demolished and more than 4.3 million people were affected, the UN said.