Monday marked the official end of the Canada's mission in Afghanistan. On Saturday, Afghans will go to the polls in a crucial presidential election. 

Looking back at Afghanistan

CBC Radio's The House broadcast a special edition on the Afghan mission on March 29. Listen to the full episode here or read more about the mission from a feature interview with Peter MacKay.

But what future did Canada shed so much blood to secure?

On a special edition of CBC News Networks' Power & Politics, that question is explored by an array of key players, including Gen. Dean Miller, Canada's last commander in Afghanistan, and his Afghan counterpart, Gen. Ahmed ​Habibi.

Journalist and writer Graham Smith talked to host Evan Solomon from Kabul, where, Smith argues, the war was lost.

Other guests include Chris Alexander, Canada's former ambassador to Afghanistan and now immigration minister, and Justice Minister Peter MacKay, who served as minister of defence for several years, and panels of experts, diplomats and journalists who covered the war, its effects and its cost — all in front of a live studio audience, many of whom have a close connection to Afghanistan and the conflict.

Watch the full two-hour special edition of Power & Politics above and read more of our in-depth material on Afghanistan and the war below, as well as a graphic from The Canadian Press.

Afghanistan: Was it worth it? Graphic

Mobile users, view the Afghanistan graphic here.