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New Brunswick Votes 2014

New Brunswick Votes 2014 »

New Brunswick election: Voters challenged to choose on resources, jobs
Four years after sending the Liberal government to defeat after one term in office, David Alward's Progressive Conservatives want to ensure history doesn't repeat itself when New Brunswick goes to the polls on Sept. 22.
Analysis Smaller parties seek breakthrough in New Brunswick election
The NDP, Green Party and People’s Alliance will all be contesting ridings around New Brunswick in search of seat inside the Legislative Assembly, a feat that has proved extremely difficult in the province’s political history.
Progressive Conservatives pull out of CBC election debate
The Progressive Conservatives won't take part in the CBC televised leaders' debate during the provicial election campaign because they don't agree with the Green Party and People's Alliance being included.

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  • Aid on its way to Ukraine and Iraq Aug. 15, 2014 2:01 PM This week on The House, guest-host Chris Hall talks to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird about the latest humanitarian aid on its way to Ukraine and what assistance Canada will send to Iraq. Then, retiring TSB Chair Wendy Tadros joins us to talk about the agency's final report on the Lac-Mégantic derailment and what further changes she would like to see in rail safety.