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Provincial Elections 2015

Alberta Votes »

Analysis Surging NDP changes contours of Alberta race
With the NDP now a force in the Alberta provincial election, the dynamics of the race have changed drastically from 2012. Polls analyst Eric Grenier explains why that is bad news for PC Leader Jim Prentice.
Alberta election: Ask a CBC reporter
The May 5 election is fast approaching, but some Albertans still have questions. In our "Ask a CBC reporter" feature we look to answer some.
Jim Prentice says he has confidence in Jonathan Denis, despite resignation
Progressive Conservative Leader Jim Prentice says he has confidence in Jonathan Denis as the Tory candidate for Calgary-Acadia, despite the former justice minister's resignation from the ministerial post on Saturday.

PEI Votes »

P.E.I. Votes 2015: Leaders' Debate
The leaders of the four P.E.I. political parties vying to become the next government took part in the CBC's P.E.I. Votes 2015: Leaders' Debate, hosted by Compass host Bruce Rainnie.
Tight election race for MLA in Stratford-Kinlock
Both the Liberal and Progressive Conservative candidates in Stratford-Kinlock agree it will be a tight vote in that district on election night.
Analysis Election promises: Student achievement and shrinking enrolments
How P.E.I.'s four political parties would solve the problems of shrinking enrolments, urban concentration, student achievement, and other issues in the education system.

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The House

  • Week One of the Mike Duffy trial Apr. 11, 2015 2:01 PM This week on The House, with week one of the Mike Duffy trial now in the books, we break down the first week of proceedings and the political implications of the case with the CBC's Terry Milewski, Radio-Canada's Emmanuelle Latraverse, the former law clerk of the House of commons Rob Walsh and the Senate's longest-serving member Anne Cools.