Political Name Calling

Reg Sherren meets Canadians who share the same name, but perhaps not the same political opinion, as our federal party leaders.

During an election, The National spends a fair chunk of its airtime covering the federal party leaders, their ambitions, their movements, their activities, policies and strategies. 

This time around, our Reg Sherren is taking a different tack.  He's finding out about politics from ordinary Canadians who have been pulled into the political discussion pretty much against their will...simply for having the same name as a federal party leader.

So, by letting his fingers do the walking, our Winnipeg correspondent is following a trail of namesakes, and finding out if they, or the people in their community, share anything more than a name with the party leaders when it comes to political opinion. 

If you, or someone you know, shares the name of a Canadian politician, and has a story to tell, let Reg know by posting to this web page.  We'll feature some of them in the show or on our website.