Pierre, Margaret Trudeau welcome baby Justin in archival video

As Justin Trudeau welcomes his third child, here's a look back at the day in 1971 when he was born to Margaret and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who was then prime minister.
On the birthday of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's third child Hadrian, here's some archival footage of Justin as a newborn 1:27

On Christmas Day in 1971 Justin Pierre James Trudeau was born. 

"They say he looks like me, I'm told," the prime minister and proud father Pierre Elliot Trudeau told reporters after his wife Margaret had safely given birth to their first child. 

Trudeau also told reporters that the boy was named Justin — which some believe was connected to his “just society” ideal — and his middle name would likely be Pierre.  

A few months later, the Trudeaus were on the campaign trail, where one CBC reporter quipped that when newsmen stared at baby Justin he stared right back, "just like his father sometimes does with a plastic rose in his mouth."

That reporter, Ron Collister, also suggested "baby Justin may emerge as the best campaigner in the Trudeau family."

On Friday, Justin Trudeau welcomed his third child with wife Sophie Grégoire —​ and politically, he’s hoping to prove Collister right.