An online pharmacy that falsely claims to be Canadian has led to stern warnings from Health Canada.

Global Pharmacy Canada, the agency cautions, is not a licensed pharmacy in Canada nor are its products authorized for sale.


Health Canada warns that drugs purchased over the internet from unlicensed sources could pose a risk. ((iStock))

The company that runs recently removed Canadian access to the site, but Health Canada is advising Canadians who may have purchased drugs from it to consult with a health-care professional.

Canada Border Services has also been alerted to stop any shipments from the company.

And Health Canada is also warning the company that if it continues to sell unauthorized health products that may pose a risk to Canadians it will take "appropriate action."

Online pharmacies have been known to sell fake drugs, which in some cases are laden with toxic materials.

In 2007 a woman from Vancouver Island died after taking anti-anxiety drugs that were purchased online.

Marcia Bergeron had bought the drugs from an internet pharmacy that claimed to be Canadian.

A subsequent CBC News investigation found online pharmacies claiming to be based in Canada were shipping drugs from India and South Africa.