A pair of Vancouver entrepreneurs have taken the notion of making a suitcase stand out on the luggage rack to a whole new level.


The abducted flight attendant is one of four designs a pair of Vancouver entrepreneurs have developed to make luggage stand out on airport carousels. ((thecheeky.com))

Colin Hart and Ryan McCormick have created large stickers that can be placed on luggage to give it the appearance that something strange or nefarious is going on.

The stickers make it appear that the suitcases have been ripped open to expose either stacks of money, cocaine, an abducted flight attendant or a case full of sex toys.

The pair operate a website that sells novelty items called thecheeky.com.

Hart said he got the idea while observing people watching nearly identical bags circling the carousel at Vancouver International Airport.

"You know they're just standing there like zombies just looking at these things," he told CBC News.


The suitcase full of cocaine is one of four luggage stickers created by two Vancouver entrepreneurs. ((thecheeky.com))

"And I was just going like is there any way that we could make this a little bit more interesting."

When a friend blogged about the stickers last week, the story went viral and orders began pouring in from Russia to Brazil.

The pair are now working on a sticker design that will simulate a suitcase full of illegal elephant tusks.

But they advise caution that the stickers could catch the attention of airport security.

"It's like go ahead, try it if you want, but you're probably going to get a rubber glove up your bum," said Hart.

Transport Canada, which is responsible for airport security, is aware of the stickers and currently working on a response.