Netflix has signed new licensing deals with a number of content providers, including the CBC, that will see it beef up Canadian and other content offerings.


Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, announces Netflix's expansion to Canada in Toronto, on Sept. 22. The video-streaming company has announced new agreements with a number of content providers which will allow it to beef up its Canadian content. ((Adrien Veczan/Canadian Press))

Among the television series Netflix now offers are seasons one through four of The Tudors, the acclaimed CBC series that follows the life of King Henry the 8th. Other series from CBC now on Netflix include Men with Brooms and Republic of Doyle.

Under a deal with Global TV, Netflix now offers the past two complete seasons of Saturday Night Live, as well as a number of SNL "best of" features. Netflix has also picked up seasons one through five of the Canadian TV hit Kids in the Hall.

An agreement with FreemantleMedia will now allow Netflix viewers to watch the first two seasons of the young wizard story Merlin, along with the seasons one and two of Pulling, a popular comedy about three young women living in London.

All3Media is providing Netflix with the first two seasons of the Emmy award winning series Weeds, which stars Mary-Louise Parker as a single mother drug dealer.

Maple Pictures has licensed the first season of The Big C and Undercover Boss.

"Adding to the choice of content we offer our members is an ongoing focus for Netflix in Canada," said Kelly Merryman, the vice-president of content acquisition for Netflix.

"TV content continues to be extremely popular with our members, and we believe that they will be delighted with the expanding list of critically acclaimed and popular series TV series available to watch instantly."  

Netflix is an internet subscription service that allows viewers to watch movies and television through their computers. It launched its Canadian service in September.