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  • Crying Out For Care

    Friday January 26, 2018

    Video Crying Out For Care

    In a special year-long investigation, Marketplace uncovers a shocking rise in the number of abuse incidents inside Ontario nursing homes. We head inside homes with some of the highest rates of abuse to see for ourselves why the statistics are on the rise and follow families fighting for better care.

    Watch 22:17
  • Why donating your clothes isn’t as helpful as you think

    Friday January 26, 2018

    Video Why donating your clothes isn’t as helpful as you think

    You might feel good about donating your old clothes, but nobody actually needs them. Part of the problem is fast fashion. Experts say the solution is to stop buying.

    Watch 2:46
  • Clothing Waste

    Friday January 19, 2018

    Video Clothing Waste

    Marketplace investigates clothing recycling programs at fast fashion chains, and reveals the marketing may not live up to what it promises consumers and the planet.

    Watch 22:30
  • Selling Weight Loss Surgery

    Friday January 12, 2018

    Video Selling Weight Loss Surgery

    Marketplace investigates the marketing of weight loss surgery at private clinics. Is it worth the money and the risk?

    Watch 22:32
  • Scams and Schemes

    Friday December 15, 2017

    Video Scams and Schemes

    We're back on the case, investigating our top scams and schemes: tracking annoying telemarketers, fake reviewers, and a pricey bracelet with health claims that are beyond belief.

    Watch 22:34
  • Buying For Baby

    Friday December 08, 2017

    Video Buying For Baby

    Marketplace compares prices between Canada and the U.S. on baby items to see if you're getting gouged. Plus, we scour the shelves for recalled products that shouldn't be there.

    Watch 22:31
  • Fighting For Your Flight Rights

    Friday December 01, 2017

    Video Fighting For Your Flight Rights

    David Common investigates what you're entitled to when your flight turns unexpected.

    Watch 22:32
  • The Pricing Game: How To Score the Best Deal Online

    Friday November 24, 2017

    Video The Pricing Game: How To Score the Best Deal Online

    In a unique Marketplace test, we reveal how your personal data like your search history, social media profiles, and what device you use, can give companies clues about what they can charge you online.

    Watch 22:33
  • How Not To Buy A Car

    Friday November 17, 2017

    Video How Not To Buy A Car

    Marketplace went undercover at car dealerships to investigate car financing.

    Watch 22:30
  • Addicted to Your Phone?

    Friday November 03, 2017

    Video Addicted to Your Phone?

    We place a tracker on one family's devices, and uncover that you have a lot less control than you may have ever realized.

    Watch 22:32

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