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  • Fighting For Your Flight Rights

    Friday December 01, 2017

    Video Fighting For Your Flight Rights

    David Common investigates what you're entitled to when your flight turns unexpected.

    Watch 22:32
  • The Pricing Game: How To Score the Best Deal Online

    Friday November 24, 2017

    Video The Pricing Game: How To Score the Best Deal Online

    In a unique Marketplace test, we reveal how your personal data like your search history, social media profiles, and what device you use, can give companies clues about what they can charge you online.

    Watch 22:33
  • How Not To Buy A Car

    Friday November 17, 2017

    Video How Not To Buy A Car

    Marketplace went undercover at car dealerships to investigate car financing.

    Watch 22:30
  • Addicted to Your Phone?

    Friday November 03, 2017

    Video Addicted to Your Phone?

    We place a tracker on one family's devices, and uncover that you have a lot less control than you may have ever realized.

    Watch 22:32
  • Trashed

    Friday October 27, 2017

    Video Trashed

    Back on the case investigating food waste in grocery stores.

    Watch 22:33
  • Busting Superfoods

    Friday October 20, 2017

    Video Busting Superfoods

    Investigating the health claims behind some of the most trendy foods - coconut water, quinoa and chia seeds. Are they worth the extra price?

    Watch 22:17
  • Free Trial Scams

    Friday October 13, 2017

    Video Free Trial Scams

    Online schemes that uses free trial offers to trick people into buying products.

    Watch 22:32
  • Farm Fresh?

    Friday September 29, 2017

    Video Farm Fresh?

    Hidden camera investigation reveals where food from some local farmers' markets really comes from.

    Watch 22:32
  • How car dealerships upsell you on maintenance (Marketplace)

    Friday September 22, 2017

    Video How car dealerships upsell you on maintenance (Marketplace)

    Car dealership service departments can upsell unneeded maintenance. CBC Marketplace rigs up bait cars and exposes aggressive selling tactics and careless inspections

    Watch 22:31
  • Fake Degrees

    Friday September 15, 2017

    Video Fake Degrees

    Marketplace exposes Canadians with bogus credentials and reveals just how easy it's become to buy a university degree. It's the latest way to pad your resume, and it's led to unqualified people treating serious health conditions.

    Watch 22:31