CBC's 8th Fire was a groundbreaking series that examined “Aboriginal Peoples, Canada & the Way Forward".

I worked as a producer and VJ on the documentary series and digital site. I still get goosebumps when I remember watching the first episode air and seeing the instant reaction on social media. It really got a lot of conversations going.

It's been almost two years since CBC's 8th Fire aired but we're willing to bet you haven't seen all this amazing series has to offer.

Here are a few videos that we think are worth revisiting while you're gearing up for 2014.

Lighting the 8th Fire

Leanne Simpson, author and activist

Anishinaabe activist, scholar and mother, Leanne Simpson explains the '8th Fire' prophecy. (Provided by author)

Anishinaabe  activist, scholar and mother, Leanne Simpson explains the '8th Fire' prophecy and what needs to happen in the relationship between Indigenous people and Canada before it can be lit.

The Relationship in 3 Minutes
Playwright, author and humorist Drew Hayden Taylor offers his humorous take on the history of the “relationship” between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginals, from contact to now.

The Olympian
Mohawk Olympian and role-model Waneek Horn-Miller joins forces with Save the Children and appears at their We Day initiative in Toronto.

Mixed Blood
CBC videographer Waubgeshig Rice profiles three people who grew up in three different eras about what it's like being a "half-breed" in Canada.

The reunion 

Cris Derksen

Cris Derkson IS the talented young composer and cellist who was commissioned to create the music for 8th Fire. (Arlen Redokop)

 At a homecoming celebration on theOkanese First Nation in Saskatchewan, three siblings make the trek home for an emotional reunion with their birth mother and the community they left over 30 years ago. 

The Musician Behind 8TH Fire
CBC's Angela Sterritt introduces us to Cris Derksen, the talented young composer and cellist commissioned to create the music for the CBC's television series 8th Fire.