It’s a quiz — offered in English and French — that's designed for new immigrants to test their general knowledge about Canada.

Louis Riel

Louis Riel (National Archives of Canada)

How Canadian are You, eh?, found on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website, consists of questions like “What is the highest mountain in the country?” Or, “How many times did Queen Elizabeth visit Canada?

However, a question in French addressing the role of Louis Riel in Canada's history is causing some controversy.

The question is: "What threat did Louis Riel represent for Canada?" And the required answer is: "He led two armed uprisings that threatened the future of Canada as a country extending from one sea to the other."

'Oh! This is so wrong. First, Canada wasn’t threatened. And more importantly, it was not a rebellion. It was a form of resistance.' - Guy Savoie

Elder Guy Savoie with the Union Nationale Métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba (The National Métis Union) is indignant.

"Oh! This is so wrong. First, Canada wasn’t threatened. And more importantly, it was not a rebellion. It was a form of resistance."

According to Mr. Savoie, it is an attempt to rewrite history and hide the mistakes made by the government of the day.

"The federal government is not telling the truth. Why not say that the government was wrong? Governments make mistakes," said Guy Savoy, Dean of the Métis National Union St. Joseph du Manitoba

The questions in the English quiz seems less controversial. The question is: "What challenge did Louis Riel pose to Canada?" And the answer is : "He led two armed uprisings that jeopardized Canada's expansion from sea to sea."

In an email sent by publicist Remi Lariviere, Citizenship and Immigration Canada says it recognizes Louis Riel’s historical contribution in a more detailed part of the study guide Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, on which the quiz is based.

The representative stated that the questionnaire is a simple game "easy and fun" to test people’s knowledge of Canada’s history. However, a review will be conducted to replace the Métis leader and founder of Manitoba "in a broader context."

A week after the question was flagged by the CBC to federal government, it has yet to be updated.

With files from Louis-Philippe Leblanc and Caroline Nepton