When we published our editors' picks for top Aboriginal stories of 2013, earlier in the week, you told us what we missed and what we got right. 

For everyone who thought the stand-off at Elsipogtog resulted in negative press for Aboriginal peoples in 2013, there was another who saw it differently:

  • Glynn Mhor: "All these are stories about failure. Why not have some about successes?"​ Caring Canuck responded: "Only an adversary and a critic of native people would see "failure" in a story about native people and allies standing up to protect their land, air, and water."

  • Zaltan Pfeffer: "The photo on top shows a 'peaceful' protester holding up a feather. No burning police cars in sight. No photos of recovered weaponry.  The very protest itself was illegal.  Nice spin, CBC, nice spin."
  • Caring Canuck to Zaltan Pfeffer: "Contrary to what Harper Conservatives would like - protest is still legal and a democratic right in Canada - for now.  And no photos of heavily armed police pointing automatic weapons on peaceful elders - nice restraint CBC."

  • guitarman679: "Lots of negative stories..Aboriginals have had a bad year for PR. Time for the youth to stand up in their communities and demand change. Time to end entitlements and focus on how do you sustain a prosperous future without aid of the Canadian taxpayer."
  • Caring canuck:"The youth are standing up in their communities and demanding change.  They are demanding a change to the entitlements of not only their own leaders but also the leaders of other Canadian governments and industry who enjoy far more entitlements. Time to end the taxpayer subsidies to dirty oil and fracked gas...And contrary to what most right wingers and many self professed centrists believe - Native people are taxpayers too."

What we missed

​​Cree walkers meet minister at end of Idle No More trek 

  • Rumble Rally:"Ah CBC you forgot the Cree youth [Nishiyuu] who marched from northern Quebec to Ottawa in an effort to talk to Harper or someone anyone from the Federal Government last March. Instead Harper went to meet the pandas. This was a big indication of Conservative priorities, and pretty shameful and tacky. Harper could have found a way. He didn't."​

Hungry Aboriginal people used in bureaucrat's experiments

Starvation politics: Aboriginal nutrition experiments in Canada


(Library and Archives Canada/Canadian Press)

Anishinaabe comedian Don Kelly sent us an email, pointing out two important stories we missed.

  • Don Kelly: "Taken together, I believe these stories represent the stuttering, shuddering death of the Canadian Dream...The collective consensus around who we are and what we are. Most Canadians want to believe their country is fair and just. But Canada is slowly, reluctantly kicking and stamping its way to confront the death of its dream. This is not a bad thing. Let’s move through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and right into acceptance."

(you can read Don Kelly's full letter to the editor on our Facebook page).

Lastly, our choice of Patrick Brazeau was slammed by many:

  • Tanya Kappo ‏@Nehiyahskwew: "How is it that Brazeau's involvement in the Senate Scandal is a Top 5 "Aboriginal" story of 2013? #CBC #cdnpoli"
  • Dawn Marie ‏@Cree8Dawn: "@Nehiyahskwew Well...you know when the "Good Aboriginal" screws up...we all pay. It's the price we pay for Conservative tokenism."
  • Hummingbird ‏@NativeTweets: "@Nehiyahskwew well although not newsworthy, it technically was one or the most reported Aboriginal stories in MSM."

Let's keep the conversation going in 2014.