CBC North journalist Angela Sterritt has been awarded one of the prestigious William Southam Journalism Fellowships, announced last night at the Canadian Journalism Foundation Awards Ceremony in Toronto.

Angela Sterritt

CBC North journalist Angela Sterritt is the first aboriginal recipient of a William Southam Journalism Fellowship.

The fellowships reward journalists with a year of study at Massey College, at the University of Toronto, in the discipline of their choice. As well, the journalists meet regularly in informal seminars to discuss contemporary issues with personalities from a wide variety of professions.

Sterritt has worked in CBC's Yellowknife newsroom for the past two years. She began working with CBC in 2003. She was part of the team that won an ImagineNATIVE award for work on CBC's Trailbreaker radio series.  

Sterritt was part of the production team at CBC's 8th Fire, which earned a Canadian Screen Award nomination for the groundbreaking TV series on indigenous history and current realities.

Sterritt is Gitxsan, a member of the Gitanmaax band in British Columbia. Gitxsan means "People of the river mist" and the Gitanmaax village is on the Ksan River in the northwest community of old Hazelton.

She is the first person of aboriginal background to win a Southam Fellowship. Sterritt will be the St. Clair Balfour Fellow, named after the man who founded the Southam Fellowships.