Girls have higher rates of concussions than boys in basketball, soccer and other high school sports, say researchers who are trying to understand why.

To find out, scientists at Ohio State University are  tracking concussion rates in players of both sexes.

concussion ended Delaney Collins' hockey career, keeping her out of the Olympics.

Collins tried to hide her symptoms of concussion after she was clipped by another player's skate and went head first into the boards during an exhibition game.

"I said I was fine, and I was sitting on the bench and my ears were screaming," Collins recalled. "I thought someone pulled the fire alarm."

But are female players more likely to report symptoms of concussion than males?

Dawn Comstock and her colleagues at Ohio State are trying to answer that. They're also looking for any other physiological differences, such as neck muscle strength between female and male players.

The research is just starting.