A brand of vanilla flavoured nutritional shakes is under recall after tests by Health Canada showed bacteria that could be risky to people with weakened immune systems.

Sequel Naturals Ltd. announced the voluntary recall Thursday of Vega One French Vanilla sold in 37.6 gram, 414 gram and 827 gram containers.


The bacteria don't pose a significant risk to healthy people. (iStock)

None of these bacteria pose a significant risk to healthy people.

K. oxytoca poses a potential risk to the health of Canadians with immune systems weakened by serious illnesses, the department said. It can cause infection of the lower intestine, causing cramps and watery, bloody diarrhea. It may also cause lung infections and urinary tract infections.

If the bacteria are introduced into a wound, they may cause infections of the skin, soft tissues, organs or blood poisoning.

Sequel Naturals is asking retailers to stop selling the products immediately and return them to the company.

Health Canada lists the lot numbers and expiry dates for the recall on its website.

It was sold across Canada at pharmacies, natural health stores and grocery stores as well as from the company's website.