McDonald`s restaurants in Britain are showing the calorie count for each item on the menu. (Ed Ou/AP )

More than 1,000 McDonald's restaurants in Britain are displaying the calorie count of each fast food item on their menus as part of a government-led program to fight obesity.

McDonald's said the counts will be displayed on wall-mounted menu boards from Sept. 4 in all of its 1,200 U.K. restaurants.

The chain is one of several food companies partnering with the British Department of Health to encourage customers to adopt a healthier diet. It has also promised to remove artificial trans fats from its products, although it did not sign up to a salt reduction pledge.


Do you change your order when calorie counts are visible?

McDonald's is already displaying calorie menu boards in New York City.

Other chains that have signed up to the British calorie display program include KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks.