Heart bypass patient whose operation was on Twitter speaks out

A Toronto-area man whose doctors live-tweeted his heart surgery on his 57th birthday says the experience was like "being reborn."

Bolton baker Lou Spizzirri talks of getting 2nd chance at life on 57th birthday

Lou Spizzirri says the experience of having doctors live-tweet his heart surgery was like "being reborn" 2:34

A 57-year-old Toronto-area man whose doctors live-tweeted his heart surgery says the experience was like "being reborn."

Lou Spizzirri hugs a volunteer-made pillow as he recovers from surgery performed on Feb. 20. (Sunnybrook hospital/Twitter)

Lou Spizzirri spoke publicly for the first time Thursday from his bakery business in Bolton, two weeks after undergoing a double bypass at Toronto's Sunnybrook hospital, where a team of doctors tweeted as they operated on him.

He agreed to have the entire surgery, including pre-operation procedures, tweeted live. The hospital says the experiment was meant to promote heart health awareness.

Until Thursday, Spizzirri had not seen any of the footage of the operation. When he finally did, he spoke about having it on his birthday and "getting a second chance to be reborn on the same day."

"I feel great," the Caledon resident said. "I get fatigued quickly, but I feel great."

Spizzirri spoke to CBC's Steven D'Souza about making medical and social media history.

"Considering the amount of work they're doing there, I'm surprised I'm even standing, walking, right now," Spizzirri said as he watched the footage with his wife, Rosa.

He said he was compelled to make lifestyle changes a year ago, when a cardiologist told him "it was stop smoking or die," and said he might go fishing more to relax.