Riley Akerman-mask

A horizontal piece of the titanium cage on Riley Akerman's goal mask snapped off and struck the young goaltender in the eye. (CBC)

Two more recalled Bauer hockey goalie masks with cages have broken and caused severe eye injuries since the original recall in March, Health Canada says.

In March, Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) and Bauer Hockey Corp. issued a joint recall of three Bauer goalie masks and cages after the sporting-goods company determined there may be a quality issue in some of the titanium wire used in the manufacture of the cages.

At the time, Bauer had received reports of one of the titanium wire cage cracking or breaking upon impact with a puck, resulting in minor facial injuries.

On its website on Monday, Health Canada updated the recall to say it has received two reports of consumer injuries related to use of the products.

"These reports involved the wire cage breaking upon impact with a puck and resulting in severe injuries to the eye," the regulator said.

Goaltender Riley Akerman, 18, of Bay Roberts, N.L., underwent eye emergency surgery after a five-centimetre-long piece of the horizontal wire snapped off and travelled like a javelin into his face, slicing across his nose and into his left eye, cutting off a small piece of his iris.

At the time, the teen's father, Scott Akerman, said he believed the family should have been notified directly about the recall.

Bauer has received 11 reports —10 in Canada and one in the United States — of breaks or cracks, resulting in minor facial injuries in four of the original reports and the two more serious injuries mentioned before.

About 1,300 units were sold in Canada, and some 1,200 units were sold in the United States between April 2013 and February 2015.

The affected products were manufactured in Thailand and China.