Contact lens maker CooperVision is expanding its recall of the encore 100 brand lenses.

The company announced Wednesday it is recalling certain lots of encore100 Sphere contact lenses that may have silicone oil residue. 


CooperVision previously announced a recall of certain lots of encore100 Toric contact lenses. (CooperVision)

"The presence of the residue [silicone oil] on encore100  Sphere contact lenses may cause hazy vision or discomfort, severe eye pain or eye injuries requiring medical treatment," the company said in a statement.

Health Canada said it is working with the company to identify which products on the Canadian market are affected by the recall.

CooperVision recommended that consumers stop wearing the affected lenses immediately and contact their eye care practitioner for advice.

The company will launch a recall site on Friday for people to enter the package lot number on the product carton or blister label to determine if their lenses have been recalled.

People may also call the company’s toll-free consumer hotline at 1-855-526-6737.

In August, CooperVision announced a recall of certain lots of encore100 Toric contact lenses. The company said the issue with those lenses has been corrected.