A total of 17 cough and cold products are under recall because of defective caps that could allow a child to take harmful amounts, Health Canada says.

Novartis Consumer Health Canada is recalling the products, including Jack and Jill, Triaminic, Neo Citran and Buckley brands, the department said in an advisory Thursday.


Buckley's Jack & Jill cough and cold liquid is one the brands with defective caps. (Novartis Consumer Health Canada)

"Children may be able to open the bottle and ingest the product," the advisory said. "The ingredients of the affected products may be harmful to children and as such, ingestion of these products may cause serious adverse health consequences, including death."

Health Canada and Novartis said they haven't received any adverse reactions reports in Canada regarding the defective cap.

Novartis Consumer Health in the U.S. received four adverse event reports for Triaminic Syrups related to the issue.

"The products being recalled were produced at the Novartis Consumer Health manufacturing facility in Lincoln, Neb., prior to the voluntary suspension of operations in December 2011," Novartis Consumer Health Canada said in a statement.

Buckley's Complete was also manufactured until January at another site using the same Lincoln bottle and cap components.

"A consumer complaint in the U.S. in late November 2012 triggered an internal investigation by Novartis Consumer Health that determined a voluntary recall was in the best interest of consumers."

The company asked retailers to stop selling the products immediately and return them.

The products were distributed across Canada.